I'm a big fan of Anime and Manga. I subscribe to Crunchyroll and Funimation, although I suppose I'll soon be able to cancel one of those, huh... I also frequently purchase anime and manga centered bundles on Humble Bundle. I've got a fair collection of manga now!

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Admiral Haruhi

I am the curator of Rin Today, a (mostly-)daily Tumblr featuring my favorite adorable, cat-obsessed, bucket of energy from the Love Live! franchise.

I also run a tumblr where I primarily re-share interesting moe pictures and gifs.

Finally, I pay for a domain which I opened up through FreeDNS that allows other tumblr users (or other web users generally) the opportunity to claim a subdomain at nya.pub for their tumblr, or server, or whatever.

Web Project Links:

凛ニャー! | Rin Today tumblrdaisuke Anime Section of the Blog nya.pub



I am a member of the volunteer con operations staff of the annual convention Matsuricon in Columbus, Ohio, and have been since at least 2015 (maybe 2014?).

Previously, I was involved for years as a Live Events staff member at Ohayocon, also in Columbus, Ohio.

Aside from those volunteer contributions, I have also hosted two panels over the years at Ohayocon - one planned, and one completely unplanned (it was a blizzard, and I filled in as a guest moderator on the topic, when the planned presenter could not make it.

I also love attending conventions, and I typically attend Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois as my "big" convention and a few regional ones near home.

Convention Links:

Matsuricon Join me as a volunteer at Matsuricon!